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Village of Abano is one of the oldest settlements in the heart of Kartli, in the gorge of river Prone, proved by uncovered on its territory settlement ruins, burial ground and remnants of a fortress dating back to Bronze, Iron and late feudal ages. The moniker "Abano" ("Bathhouse" in Georgian) was given to the place thanks to curing properties of the mineral water used by the residents of this area for treatment of various diseases. In the historical Annals Abano was fi rst mentioned in the XVI c. Vakhushti Batonishvili gives the following report on the curing effect of Abano: "Abano fl ows warm water, cures from stale air and skin rash". By the end of XVIII c. Abano along with other hamlets of the river Prone gorge became also totally uninhabited due to non-stop incursions of tribes from Northern Caucasus.

However, it got on its feet and today it is famous for its curing waters and springs. On the plain of Shida Kartli, in the Kareli municipality, there are some other resort areas. From this point the gorge of river Dzama is standing out. In the 40 km-long gorge of river Dzama there are several resort areas, more than 50 monuments of cultural heritage and natural sights.


Location: Kareli municipality, riverbed of river Lopanistskali.

Distance: 115 km away from Tbilisi, 25 km away from Kareli.

Elevation from sea level: 680 m.

Natural treatment factors: low mountain climate and sulphuric-hydrogen chloride-hydro-carbonate, calcium-sodium mineral water with general mineralization 0,7 g/dm3.

Types of therapy: mineral water baths, passive climate therapy.

Diseases for treatment: cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal system, as well as gynecological diseases, cystitis and chronic prostatitis, endocrine obesity, functional disorders of nervous system.


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