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On the Southern slopes of Meskheti range covered with coniferous forest is located a famous mountain climatic spa resort of Abastumani with the climate indispensable for prevention of pulmonary diseases. Spring season is especially wholesome when pine-trees start pollination. While breathing yellow dust gets into lungs and makes positive impact on them. Besides major treatment factor of the resort - climate, Abastumani is also famous for it hyperthermal, slightly mineralized springs ("Goliath Spring" - 48б5 degrees, "Snake Spring" -42 degrees, "Suravandi Spring" - 239 degrees), with total discharge of 1 million l/day. Mineral waters are used for treatment of numerous diseases.


Location: Southern slope of Meskheti (Adjara-Imereti) range, gorge of river Otskhe

Distance: 25 km from Adigeni, 28 km from Akhaltsikhe, 240 km from Tbilisi

Sea level: 1250-1450 m Natural treatment factor: mild climate of lower belt middle mountain and thermal, silicon acid, sulphuric-chloride, calcium-sodium mineral waters with general mineralization 0,6 g/dm3

Types of therapy: passive climate therapy, mineral water baths

Diseases for treatment: pulmonary TB in all phases of development, chronic and acute forms of pneumonopleuritis and lymphodenitis; bone and joints and peripheral nervous systems, as well as gynecological diseases


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