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Mountain side of Aspindza municipality is located in the Eastern part of Akhaltsikhe hollow surrounded by slopes of Trialeti and Erusheti mountains. On the altitude of 1200-1800 m above sea level, relief here is defi nately fi ssiparous representing lifted plain-like terraces, hills and hillocks and mounts of volcanic origin. Historically, municipality territory was crossed by important trade transit routes. Sobriquet of the townlet, "Aspindza", also derives from this narrative, in Persian it means "Hotel on the highway", "Station on the way". Center of the municipality, townlet of Aspindza, is famous for its several type slightly mineralized, thermal (33-42 degrees) waters having positive impact on musculoskeletal and peripheral nervous systems.

Therapeutic thermal waters have many other outlets on the territory of the municipality. Nakalakevi (1100-1150 m) was a famous resort and its "Essentuki"-kind thermal (33 degrees) water was used for treatment of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and nervous system diseases as well as gynecological and skin pathologies. Vardzia is also rich with mineral waters though it is more famous for its unique complex of cave monastery dating to XII-XIIIcc. Making artifi cial cave stations in Georgia became a time-honored tradition. Naturally, in historical Meskheti where local residents for centuries were disturbed by foreign invaders, such fortifi cations with secret caches and exits were widely distributed. In many places of Southern Georgia we can see monuments of rock cut architecture, like Tavkvetula, Vani (Vahani) Kvabebi, Oloda, Gelsunda, Baiebi… But, of course, they have smaller profi le.


Location: slope of Trialeti range, gorge of river Mtkvari

Distance: 240 km away from Tbilisi (via Akhaltsikhe), 230 km via Ninotsminda (Javakheti road) Sea level: 1050-1060 m

Natural treatment factor: climate of middle mountain lower belt and thermal, slightly sulfi de, sulphuric-chloride, sodiumcalcium mineral waters with silicon acid (40-45 mg/dm3) content and general mineralization 0,8-1,0 g/dm3

Types of therapy: mineral water baths, passive climate therapy

Diseases for treatment: musculoskeletal, skin and peripheral nervous system, as well as gynecological diseases


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