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A high-mountain health resort of Bakhmaro is located in the hollow of Guria mountains covered by pine and fi r trees. Mount Gadrekili, or Lechkis Seri (2520 m) overlooks it from the East. This peak is called by vacationers "Mount of the Rising Sun". During the rising sun wonderful scenery opens up from the peak. Until the end of XIX century Bakhmaro was visited only by shepherds. Shepherds were people who spread the resorts unique therapeutic features. At the start shepherds took to Bakhmaro mountains their family members on whom sound climate made positive impact. The fi rst vacationer soon followed shepherds and was quickly cured from widespread disease - tuberculosis. After that in a short spell of time rumors about miraculous climate of the resort extended far and wide.

The number of vacationers went up every year. Later on multi-faceted clinical research proved that unique climate of Bakhmaro is the best means of strengthening immunity and reinvigorating oneself, and gives wonderful results in treatment of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. The unique character of Bakhmaro climate is caused fi rst and foremost by its location. Resort is open to the West and thanks to that, the gorge is invaded by warm sea winds that ensure formation of soft middle mountain upper belt climate. That is why air here is always clean and transparent. The effectiveness of the resort is contributed also by the most picturesque scenery of mountains with its soothing impact. The holiday season in Bakhmaro is short: from the beginning of July until the end of August. Due to tough climate conditions the mountains of Guria by the beginning of September are covered with snow which in wintertime has the height of up to 4-6 meters. The idea of mastering tourist potential of Bakhmaro in winter emerged back in 1977. In the conclusion of research expedition it was pointed out that Bakhmaro"s natural conditions satisfy all demands of winter resort and there was an opportunity of constructing 8-10 ski trails of different purpose that could operate during 4-5 months in full swing.


Location: slopes of Meskheti (Ajara-Imereti) range, gorge of river Bakhvistskali

Distance: 55 km away from Chokhatauri, 365 km from Tbilisi

Elevation from sea level: 1926-2050 m

Natural treatment factors: sea climate mixed with middle mountain upper belt climate

Types of therapy: passive and active climate therapy

Diseases for treatment: chronic diseases of respiratory system, various types of TB (lung, musculoskeletal, glands, pleura), secondary anemia, neurasthenia


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