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Gori municipality is situated on the plain of Shida Kartli. The center of the region, town of Gori, for centuries was an important commercial hub as a point situated on the crossroads of strategic directions from Samachablo, Shiada Kartli and Imereti. Its name derives from the rocky hillock in downtown where stands medieval fortress surviving up to the present. There are several health and balneological resorts of various profi le and diverse natural healing factors on the territory of municipality, including: Biisi (arthrological, gynecological and neurological profi le hot mineral waters), Peli (health resort, recommended for patients with asthma, allergy, functional heart diseases, low arterial pressure), Ateni (health resort of preventive and cardiological profi le in the basin of river Tani), as well as Sakavre, Boshuri, Bobnevi... Gorijvari is several km away from Gori, settled on the Gorijvari mount. Its natural treatment factors include sulphuric-hydrogen, sulfi de mineral water.

In the 1980-ies a lot of people from different corners of the country used to visit this place for vacations and to improve health conditions. Nowadays only bathhouse is under operation in Gorijvari. Other than mineral waters, miraculous properties of healing patients was ascribed to St. George Church because of St. George"s head which was buried in the foundation of it, as it was passed on from old times. On the spot of the church, in age-old time, stood pagan item of worship, and on this spot St. Nino who enlightened and baptized Georgia in the beginning of IV century, erected a cross. After that this area started to be called Gorijvari. On the St. George Feast Days - on May 6 and November 23 - celebrations called "Gorijvroba" are held. These days a lot of worshippers ascend the mount.


Location: foot-hill of the Northern slope of Trialeti range, right bank of river Mtkvari

Distance: 85 km away from Tbilisi

Elevation from sea level: 680 m

Natural treatment factors: low mountain climate and sulfi de, chloride-hydro-carbonate, sodium mineral water with general mineralization 0,9 g/dm3

Types of therapy: mineral water baths, passive climate therapy

Diseases for treatment: musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system and gynecological diseases


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