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River Duruji flowing on the Southern slope of Kavkasioni emerges due to the fl ow of Black and White Duruji tributaries. Its total length is 27 km. Because of bifurcation, river merges with river Alazani through several rivulets in the environs of the town of Kvareli. Duruji gets its feed from snow and rain water. Powerful landslides are typical for this river carrying from the mountains mammoth amount of rocks turned into mud. During one of such disastrous fl ooding, in 1899, from its rise to Kvareli on the distance of 6-8 km river Duruji carried a huge boulder. Limestone boulder turned into shale up to the present lies near Kvareli. Its size is 5,8x4, 2x4 m and weight about 224 tons. Sand and silt brought by the river has high degree of stickiness and is used in production of cement, narrow cinder blocks and other construction materials.

5 km to the East from Kvareli, a reservoir was created by damming of river Duruji that in commemoration of a great Georgian writer and public fi gure, Ilia Chavchavadze, was given moniker of "Ilia"s Lake". The Lake became a leisure and recreational center. From one side it is surrounded by hillocks covered with deciduous forests, from the other side there is a recreational park with attractions and playgrounds and very beautiful amphitheater; lakeside is accompanied by an alley with several cafes and restaurants. The Lake is situated in the microzone of a famous semi-sweet wine variety called "Kindzmarauli".


Location: Alazani plain

Distance: 30 km from Telavi, 150 km from Tbilisi.

Elevation from sea level: 430 m

Landscape: plain

Climate: moderately humid, winter mild, without snow, summer very warm, moderately humid, mean temperature in year 14-16 degrees centigrade

Average annual precipitation: 900-1000 mm

Duration of annual sunny light: 2200 h.


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