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Lechkhumi is historical and geographic region of Western Georgia. It is located in the South of Kavkasioni range, on the spot of Lechkhumi, Egrisi and Racha slope confl uence and includes territory of Tsageri municipality.

The name of 'Lechkhumi' seems to have been derived from Megrelian 'Chkhomi' (Fish). The region noted for its historical and natural sights is important also from recreational point of view. Mineral health waters of Lashichala, Alpani, Akhalchala, Agvi-Tsageri, Ladzgveria, Dzuguri, Usakhelo discovered and examined on its territory are used for curing diverse diseases.

Health balneological resort of Lashichala, 20 km away from Tsageri, is positioned on the slopes of Lechkhumi range covered with deciduous (beech, oak) and coniferous (pine, spruce, fi r) forests. There are convenient cottages and health centers with a bathhouse and recreational zone. Recently family hostels have also been added to this infrastructure.


Location: Southern slope of Lechkhumi range (Greater Kavkasioni system), gorge of river Lajanuri.

Distance: 20 km away from Tsageri, 40 km away from Ambrolauri, 340 km away from Tbilisi (via Ambrolauri)

Sea level: 800-900 m

Natural treatment factors: low mountain climate and carbonic acid, hydro-carbonate, magnesium-calcium mineral waters with general mineralization of 1-5 g/dm3; discharge – 20 thous. l/day Types of therapy: mineral water baths and application (drinking), passive climate therapy

Diseases for treatment: chronic infl ammations of food digestion organs, musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system diseases.


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