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Lebarde is a climatic and spa resort located in the very heart of Western Georgia, in Martvili municipality. Plunged in the centennial conifer forest rich with iron, mineral water springs have therapeutic features good for healing diseases of respiratory and alimentary tract systems. There are several springs with Narzan-type waters coming out on the surface of the ground which like other mineral waters were discovered by shepherds. In the 40-ies of the XX century, in spite of the fact that road leading to the resort snaked across steep gorge and was dangerous, in holiday season the number of vacationers reached several thousand people. At rst holiday makers who came for curing and recreational purposes lived in small shelterstents and marquees. In 1948-50-ies when automobile road was constructed, health-care centers and rest-houses were built in the resort. In 1980-ies mineral water was bottled, however after developments of 1990-ies resort infrastructure got dismantled. 4 km away from Lebarde, river Lebarde and river Tekhuri merge. Tekhuri river rises on the elevation of 2400 m, on the Western slope of Egrisi range, near Tekhurishdudi peak. Its watercourse is noted with numerous and the most beautiful rocky canyons and caves creating ideal conditions for the lovers of rafting. Rich sh fauna of Tekhuri is also worth mentioning. There are lots of species of sh of commercial importance, like bleak, nase, barbell, European chub, gudgeon… There is trout in rivers as well but trout shing is banned by Georgian legislation.


Location: bifurcation of Sothern slope of Samegrelo range, gorge of river Lebarde (tributary of Tekhuri)

Distance: 340 km from Tbilisi (wia Tchorotsku).

Sea level: 1600 m Natural treatment factors: middle mountain upper belt climate and carbonic acid, calcium-sodium (or sodium- calcium) (of Narzan kind) and iron containing mineral waters with general mineralization 0,4-0,6 g/dm .

Discharge of water: 40 thous. l/day Types of therapy: mineral water drinking, passive climate therapy

Diseases for treatment: diseases of alimentary tract, liver, gall-bladder and urinary system, secondary anemia, respiratory diseases


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