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Resort area of Nasakirali is located 10 km away from Ozurgeti, in the gorge of river Supsa. Earlier this was the place where lime quarries were operated. This is the root of moniker "Nasakirali" ("kiri" means "lime" in Georgian). Before 20-ies of the XX century the territory of the village was covered with the unique zelkova forest which was a shelter for the local rogues during Guria rebellion. In 1929 on the initiative of the Georgian government zelkova forests were felled and changed to tea and citrus plantations. Very soon Nasakirali became a multi-national and densely populated settlement where Poles, Chinese, Germans, Ukrainians lived side-by-side with each other. Later on, part of the population from mountainous Ajara damaged by landslides as well as Meskhetian Turks living in Central Asia were moved there.

Since the 1950 starts the history of Nasakirali as the spa resort. Having established curing qualities of mineral waters on its territory, construction of relevant infrastructure started: health facility for 100 patients and cottages plunged in green vegetation were not able to cope with numerous vacationers. There were three spots of mineral water freely fl owing out of the ground operated after drilling. Each spring had its differing function and prescription: two were intended for baths, one for drinking. Mineral waters still rise from these outlets but their employment at this point has not been achieved.


Location: lower part of Kolkheti lowland, Nasakirali hill.

Distance: 315 km away from Tbilisi.

Sea level: 200 m.

Natural treatment factors: slightly sulfi de, chloride-sodium mineral sub-thermal and hypo-thermal waters with general mineralization 3,8-7,8 g/dm3.

Discharge: 500 thou. l/day.

Types of therapy: mineral water baths and application (drinking).

Diseases for treatment: musculoskeletal, peripheral nervous system and gynecological profi le diseases. Recommended for treatment of gastric chronic diseases.


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