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Kaspi municipality located on the plain of Shida Kartly, on the both banks of river Mtkvari, is bordered from the North by Southern ramifi cations of Kavkasioni mountains, from the South - by Trialeti range. Rivers Mtkvari, Ksani, Lekhura, Kavtura and Tezami fl ow on the territory of the district. There are several resorts and resort areas in the Tezami gorge (length 51 km): Akhalkalaki (1040 m above sea level) high mountain climate is wholesome for prevention of respiratory diseases; Gostibe (1500 m above sea level) is recommended for health improvement and treatment of bronchial asthma; Garikula (470 m above sea level) is good for respiratory tracts; Rkoni (950m above sea level) - for general health improvement of children and adults.

Routes of the Tezami gorge include several historical monuments and are very popular among walking tourist lovers. One more resort area in this municipality, village of Khovle, fi rst of all is known for its historical heritage. Near the village, on the Khovle mount, scholars unearthed ancient settlement ruins dating II-I millennium BC. Khovle is a spa resort of arthrological profi le. There are several outlets of sulphuric mineral waters on its territory. In the 1980-ies of the last century resort of local importance status was operated here.


Location: lowland of Shida Kartli, gorge of river Khevkhmela (right tributary of river Mtkvari)

Distance: 26 km away from Kaspi, 30 km away from Gori, 60 km away from Tbilisi (passing through Dzegvi)

Elevation from sea level: 780 m

Natural treatment factors: low mountain climate and slightly sulfi de, sulphuric-hydro-carbonate, sodium mineral water with general mineralization 0,8 g/dm3

Types of therapy: mineral water baths, passive climate therapy

Diseases for treatment: cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems and gynecological diseases, functional disorders of nervous system, cystitis and chronic prostatitis, endocrine obesity


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